Fatal Film’s new record and release show!

Fatal Film celebrate the release of their phenomenal new eponymous record with a special show at 33 Golden in New London on Friday, February 28 at 10pm.  The new CD produced by the group with Jason Banta at the helm for most of it features 12 seminal tracks of FF’s blistering sonic mayhem and dark sexual politic.  It’s the groups most confidant and revealing work to date.

The release show is a must-see affair.  Punk power trio Horns of Ormus open the show and indie experimentalist collective Oneida closes it out with a bang.  Fatal Film will provide the soft nugget center and you won’t want to miss it!

Fatal Film ‘Fatal Film’ Track Listing:

1. Curl Up and Die
2. New/Fast
3. Something in the Water
4. Our Daily Meds
5. Pick Up The Phone
6. Just For Men
7. Princess Chords
8. Total Phone
9. Coolest Friend
10. Remember When You Were Fun
11. Boys Oh Boys
12. Big Dicks

Fatal Film | Fatal Film by Telegraph Recording Co.

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