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Quiet Giant

Quiet Giant (formerly loom) is a four-piece indie rock band from Bethel, Conn. Danielle Capalbo sings, William Touri plays guitar, Jared Thompson plays drums and Mark Almodovar plays bass. The group’s first single, “Every Crime,” drew attention from The Deli in 2014 and was named one of WCNI New London’s top tracks of the year. Quiet Giant was a finalist for Connecticut Best New Band in 2015, and their debut album, loom, was released in September 2015.

The Metal Dad called it one of his favorite non-metal albums of the year. Lonesome Noise called the album one “that’s going to be, and should be, viewed as one of the best to emerge from this small state with the big music scene. Quiet Giant have blown the lid off the proverbial music box.” The New CT Indie calls loom “a textured … affair that decorates Capalbo’s songs with a blend of stadium-sized guitar delay and noisy shoegaze, making a strong case for Quiet Giant as not only a moody dream pop outlet, but a full-fledged rock band.” Since 2014, the band has performed across the Northeast, including opening spots for Hop Along and Speedy Ortiz, and two appearances at New London’s “I Am Fest,” an annual music showcase.


“The end result is some excellent chemistry. …As a quartet, they produce a sound that unites dream pop and garage rock.” – NeatBeet

“On its B-side, ‘Every Crime,’ the New Haven quartet gets even dreamier, with guitars and chimed ‘ooh’s that reverberate through brazen chords.” – The Deli

Danielle Capalbo: guitars, vox
William Touri: lead guitar
Jared Thompson: drums
Mark Almodovar: bass


QUIET GIANT loom CDT 151 - September 2015

CDT 151 – September 2015

QUIET GIANT You're In Heaven May 2017

You’re In Heaven
May 2017