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Pocket Vinyl

Pocket Vinyl is a melodic mesh between a piano and a painting.

Let’s keep this simple: Pocket Vinyl is primarily a story of love. Eric Stevenson and Elizabeth Jancewicz met in 2009 and starting dating in early 2010. They went on their first tour in the summer of 2010 showcasing their unique show which includes a man who hits, beats, and slams a piano with his blistered fingers while a woman (a very beautiful woman) creates a brand new painting each night. Every show was different, and each show memorable to those who came.

Now hailing from New London, CT, they’ve played over 150 shows is nearly every state east of the Mississippi River, and even quite a few beyond that. Their t-shirts and CD packaging are all hand-made. They’ve created 9 stop animation music videos (so far), 4 on-the-road documentaries (so far), 2 full length albums, 2 EPs, plus a few singles. They book, manage, and create everything themselves, and are incredibly proud of that fact.

Whether they’re playing for 2 or 2000 people, they always bring their intensity and art 100%.

Winner of four 2012 Whalie Awards out of New London, CT including:
-Best Alternative Band
-Best Music Video
-Pop/Rock Album of the Year for “Monsters Talking”
-Song of the Year for “Quiet Epiphany”

“Art and music found true love in the marriage of Eric Stevenson and Elizabeth Jancewicz……The band’s 2011 release, Monsters Talking, is punctuated with trills of piano and dramatic vocals that verge on the operatic in instances. Stevenson can make a piano clang or sweetly sing a ballad, and with Jancewicz, the two make sweet, sweet music (and art).” – A.V. Club Indianapolis

“Pocket Vinyl sounds like powerful, piano based rock constructed around Eric Stevenson’s intricate songwriting, energetic musicianship and smooth vocals. As if that’s not enough, there is so much more to this band than meets the ear. Pocket Vinyl is as much about the visual experience as it is about the music; Elizabeth Jancewicz, on stage artist and wife of Stevenson, completes the second half of this duo. Accompanying Stevenson and his piano on stage, Jancewicz trades instrument for paintbrush, creating an original work of art at every show. These paintings, often character based and always vibrantly colorful, bring the music to life in front of your eyes.” –

“This guy has some chops…His music is very compositional with layers of piano melodies and beautiful arrangements.” – Boom Boom Chik

“Piano driven soundtracks with occasional orchestration and lyrics of longing and heart-on-the-sleeve emoting. There is a driving forward and a swirl of drums and synthesized cymbals all to punctuate the whole. These are songs where you want to print out the lyrics and spend time with, as you would an emotional journal entry from an absent loved one.” – Heroes of Indie Music

Eric Stevenson – Piano/vocals/guitar
Elizabeth Jancewicz – Live Artist

with occasional live appearances by:
Kevin Stone – Bass
Marc Bryan – Drums


POCKET VINYL Tin CDT 148 - September 2015

CDT 148 – September 2015


POCKET VINYL Death Anxiety CDT 140 - November 2013

Death Anxiety
CDT 140 – November 2013