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Fatal Film

Fatal Film is one of New London, CT’s great rock and roll acts. They’ve been playing some of the best shows of their storied run over the last year or so churning out sonic and mischief and wowing audiences with the results. During that time, they’ve toiled in the studio with local producer Jason Banta to build the definitive statement of the Fatal Film sound with their brand new 12 track eponymous CD.

From Big Takeover publisher Jack Rabid:
This is confident, boisterous, wild music with the gears of garage and ’80s gnashing indie rock. It’s shot full of adrenalin energy, dirty, clashing riffing, feral but cool vocals by the great Matt Potter EQed on stun, and a rocks-off buzzing smarts that makes you stop doing whatever your attention-span-deficient multitasking self was and pay excited attention. This cooks, slams, smacks, and kicks with all the danger, edge, and abandon you rarely see in such a tight band making terrific use of complimenting guitar parts-often lead picking around each other in a mesmeric post-Television mode. From “First Step” to “Hustlers Are We”, you won’t soon forget this (shockingly) accurately titled “thrill’r” ride, and we aren’t talking about Michael Jackson, either.