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The Telegraph Recording Company was originally launched by founder Rich Martin as Hozomeen Press Recordings back in 1991 as the musical offshoot of the indie publisher Hozomeen Press. The label has changed names several times over the years releasing music under the monikers Pop Rocket Records and Cosmodemonic Telegraph before settling in beneath the umbrella Telegraph Recording Company in 2011.

Over the last twenty years, we have released music on CDs, cassettes, and vinyl from a wide array of artists working in all genres including The Can Kickers, Low Beam, Quiet Life, Magpie, Grand Passion, Dos, Black Pig Liberation Front, Seratonin, The Liz Larsons, Ken Cormier, and so many more. In 2000, we released ‘Transmission 1: Tea at the Palaz of Hoon’, a two disc set featuring rare and unreleased tracks from groups that had played at Temporary Autonomous Zone (a multi-disciplined arts venue run by the label) including Bright Eyes, Elf Power, The Bevis Frond, Moe Tucker, The One Am Radio, Ted Leo/Pharmacists, Wheat, Mark Mulcahy and many artists of national note.

In 2004, the label revived the Towers of New London scene compilation series which had produced two collections in the early and mid-1980s centered around the nascent punk scene that had taken root in the Connecticut city and led by acts such as The Reducers and Paisley Jungle. Over the last several years, the comps have become semi-annual traditions (including two Towers discs, Fiftig, Powers, and the Long Hundred) and helped to establish the New London music scene as one of the most fertile in New England.

In 2010, we opened a retail storefront called (what else) The Telegraph, an old school record store in the heart of downtown New London.

Does The Telegraph Recording Company accept demos?
We sure do tho obviously we can’t guarantee we’ll be able to put your record out.
We’re always psyched to check out new tunes.
Send your goods to:
The Telegraph Recording Company
No. 19 Golden Street
New London, CT 06320